Mid-Term review meeting at Ditech building in Lecce including online participants using Webex meeting service.

26 July 2021
MID-TERM review meeting

The Meeting, carried out at Dhitech building in Lecce and online by using Webex meeting service, is aimed to review the project progress against the project objectives, outputs and expected results defined in the approved application form and compliance with non-financial rules such as those on publicity and information, to timely detect bottlenecks, which may occur during the project implementation, as well as to have a common view of the state of play considering eventual external factors, while at the same time agreeing on any source of risk for the project and mitigating measures.The project is founded through the IPA Interreg Programme and focuses on the analysis of the popular music repertoires in Italy, Albania and Montenegro to enhance territorial peculiarities and common traditions. This analysis will be deepened thank to the involvement of a neuroscience tool, through which it will be possible to investigate the neurobiological responses of people, belonging to the co-involved territories, to listen to the music by the project.